What kind of idiot …

… Leaves an illegal campfire in the middle of the wilderness unattended? These surfer dudes and/or dudettes. Campfires have been prohibited for WEEKS!

On my way home Thursday night June 20, I found an unattended fire with flames about a foot high in an undeveloped campsite. Tents, chairs, ice chests, truck, surfboards, skateboards, campfire, but no people. I was fit to be tied. Pulled in, honked, got out, yelled, no one. I went into their ice chest, grabbed handfuls of ice and dumped it on the fire. Found a 16 oz water bottle, dumped that on the fire, found a baking sheet, used that as a makeshift shovel, and covered the fire with dirt. Flames out, but still smoking. Got to cell phone signal, called USFS PV Station. (Closed, but I have a home phone number) told them, and they promised to go up and make sure it was completely out. The campers had a big stack of firewood back behind a log, hidden from view. I grabbed piece after piece and threw it over the edge. Only got about a quarter of it. I felt like throwing it at their tent to be honest. Also felt like using the skateboards as shovels, rather than the baking sheet. I do not suffer fools gladly.

This is what I saw


This is a Volkswagon truck, which I had never heard of, at least that is what the tailgate said