Campfire left unattended…

Brendon shot a video this last weekend. Unfortunately, it is shot sidewise, and there is a black out section when he put the camera down, and lots of f**ks, but he found an unattended campfire.  He was on his way down to the coast, and was down there about 4 hours. When he came back, these campers were just returning, and one of the guys completely denied that they left a burning campfire unattended, but did admit he didn’t touch it. I wish he had gotten a video of them coming back to their campsite.

Look at the smoke coming off that fire as Brendon uses their water to put out their fire. There wasn’t enough water, so he went to another camper to grab more water. Completely unattended for 4 hours. Un-f***ing-real.

Summer unofficially kicks off this Memorial Day weekend. Be extra vigilant. Be polite but firm, unless it involves fire. Then you have permission to get in their face.


What kind of idiot …

… Leaves an illegal campfire in the middle of the wilderness unattended? These surfer dudes and/or dudettes. Campfires have been prohibited for WEEKS!

On my way home Thursday night June 20, I found an unattended fire with flames about a foot high in an undeveloped campsite. Tents, chairs, ice chests, truck, surfboards, skateboards, campfire, but no people. I was fit to be tied. Pulled in, honked, got out, yelled, no one. I went into their ice chest, grabbed handfuls of ice and dumped it on the fire. Found a 16 oz water bottle, dumped that on the fire, found a baking sheet, used that as a makeshift shovel, and covered the fire with dirt. Flames out, but still smoking. Got to cell phone signal, called USFS PV Station. (Closed, but I have a home phone number) told them, and they promised to go up and make sure it was completely out. The campers had a big stack of firewood back behind a log, hidden from view. I grabbed piece after piece and threw it over the edge. Only got about a quarter of it. I felt like throwing it at their tent to be honest. Also felt like using the skateboards as shovels, rather than the baking sheet. I do not suffer fools gladly.

This is what I saw


This is a Volkswagon truck, which I had never heard of, at least that is what the tailgate said