Campfire left unattended…

Brendon shot a video this last weekend. Unfortunately, it is shot sidewise, and there is a black out section when he put the camera down, and lots of f**ks, but he found an unattended campfire.  He was on his way down to the coast, and was down there about 4 hours. When he came back, these campers were just returning, and one of the guys completely denied that they left a burning campfire unattended, but did admit he didn’t touch it. I wish he had gotten a video of them coming back to their campsite.

Look at the smoke coming off that fire as Brendon uses their water to put out their fire. There wasn’t enough water, so he went to another camper to grab more water. Completely unattended for 4 hours. Un-f***ing-real.

Summer unofficially kicks off this Memorial Day weekend. Be extra vigilant. Be polite but firm, unless it involves fire. Then you have permission to get in their face.


2 thoughts on “Campfire left unattended…

  1. I witnessed a guy toss his burning cigarette but into dry grass in a popular pullout near my house yesterday. I was able to find burning cig and ran after him as he was getting in car. I wanted to put it out on his forehead but I went the polite route and educated him on the extreme fire danger we live with and that he was also littering. He was clueless and barely spoke English. I’m sure it’s a cultural thing and that is just what everyone does back in his home country. Luckily the humidity was high! It’s going to be a dangerous summer with record number of visitors from around the world expected.

  2. I am glad you were able to educate him … but we need to do this on a large scale! Thank god you saw it. I saw the same thing, from a car, in Sept/Oct while we were stopped for construction. I got out, grabbed the lit cigarette and returned it to the passenger who had tossed it.

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