Amgen Tour is 5/15/18

Because they can’t ride the coast (I am guessing) they will be taking on our neighbors in Carmel Valley and Cachagua. *Sigh* At least they are fast, unlike the Marathon that closes Highway One for at least 1/2 a day or the Concours which ties up Peninsula traffic for a week.

Cachagua Fire reminds you about the upcoming Amgen Tour of California bicycle race that will be closing down much of the Fire District on May 15th from approximately 1:00 – 2:30 pm. The cyclists will be traveling along Carmel Valley Road from Greenfield to Tassajara Road to Cachagua Road and continue on from there to Laguna Seca. There will be over 100 racers with team cars, medical personnel, ambulances, and California Highway Patrol escorts. We are told that the CHP will stop all traffic while the racers are passing through. You will be required to park in a driveway or pull out and your keys must be put on the roof of the vehicle until the CHP gives the okay to move.


From the Tour Marshall, 2017-2018 via FB:
Yes, AmGen is a business in research of pharmaceutical development; but that is only one aspect of their business. The parent company owns many interests; one being the Tour of California. Three years ago, they hired A.S.O (Amaury Sport Organization), a European based company who promotes and operates all the major UCI pro races in Europe, including the Tour de France, to take over the reigns of the Tour of California. This is why the ToC is now a fully legit UCI Grand Tour. Eric Smith, A.S.O.’s US Technical Director (head honcho for ToC who makes final decisions on which cities are chosen as “host cities”, which routes are chosen, and who are hired to work on the ToC race. He is also my boss.

Wile it’s true, the ToC operates on a “rolling” traffic blockage (which means the freeways, roads, service streets and intersections are blocked (all vehicles are cleared from the road under blockage), and that section remains closed until the race (peloton, teams cars, race officials, medical, media, CHP and other vehicles that are part of the traveling entourage) passes by and the CHP reopens that (rolling) section. Along with the CHP, seven teams (each of 5-6 staff workers) of traveling Coursre Marshals, work with the CHP in ensuring these rolling road closures are done and maintained (ahain, until the CHP clears the road). Thete are about 70 vehicles which comprises the supporting entourage for the Pro Racers.

As for the “keys on top of the car roofs”. Pure non-sense! Will never happen. What could likely happen is, in tbe coming years, the Tour of California is enlarged to a full 21 days of Pro racing.
Enjoy the day, anf tbe Tour of California.
Greg Lozaga
AmGen ToC Traveling Course Marshal (2017- 18),
AToC Podium/Stage Security (2010-2016),
USA Cycling Race Official,
Founder/Owner “Fierce Cycling Adventures”,
Creator/Distributor “Cycle the West” road calendar.