Fire FHL


This started yesterday around 2-3 pm, I’ve been watching it, but up until this am, I didn’t see any smoke. This morning, I saw white drift smoke in the canyon

Hey Kate ….the guy I talked to said its at 45 acres……they called some of the guys in on OT….it sounds like may be up by Milpitas airfield…that’s about 4 miles or so up from delventuri pond, its a big grass flat that the army copters use…..he said the dozers are working it but they can’t get into some of the steep stuff…..he said they do have a hose lay in on the steep stuff….so guess the fs hand crew punched a line in on the steep stuff…..also copter 406 out of beaver dam is working it to…..he said the winds are squirrelly an they have had a couple of spots but picked them up.

I have a photo of the drift, which I’ll tried to upload, but you know how that goes!