Amazing Fire Photo

This was shot today, at the Falls Fire near Lake Elsinore. I don’t know who the photographer was, it was posted on twitter by one of the fire agencies.

While I am struggling to re-figure out how to post again via a computer – forget an iPhone – and I have to remember how to type, again, I give you this amazing shot.

My admin backup, bigsurdeb, is dealing with a family emergency. Her mother is in ICU. We are all sending positive strengthening thoughts to her.

DC-10 on Falls Fire, 8/5/13
DC-10 on Falls Fire, 8/5/13

Is there life after iPad?

Mine died a quick death last week, so I can answer that … I think not. No idea I was so dependent on that little critter. I hadn’t backed up to iCloud since mid-June (hard at home). I think I will probably have lost some contacts, some appointments, some notes, and lord knows what else.

My new one will be here later this week. I am lost in the blogging world until then. Sorry =-(