Is there life after iPad?

Mine died a quick death last week, so I can answer that … I think not. No idea I was so dependent on that little critter. I hadn’t backed up to iCloud since mid-June (hard at home). I think I will probably have lost some contacts, some appointments, some notes, and lord knows what else.

My new one will be here later this week. I am lost in the blogging world until then. Sorry =-(

4 thoughts on “Is there life after iPad?

  1. What’s an ipad.
    Okay, I sort of know.
    Two years ago I decided to never have a phone again. Incredibly good idea. I never miss a call, don’t get calls I don’t want. It’s been liberating.

  2. Been a tough week for me … I am liberated when I head out on the Amazon River, or the Serengetti Plains where there is no cell reception, wifi, or satellite … closest I come with 10 days in one of these magnificent places. You don’t have tv, either, do you?

  3. No TV since the days when you could plug it into the wall and get 11 free channels. The only connecting to the outside world is human and computer, and I’ve taped the camera and shut the sound and cover it at night in case the NSA gets fascinated by my life as I sleep. And the radio. Which I may or may not listen to with tin chapeau. As PJ O’Rourke said, If the government was really controlling my thoughts I’d be thinking better. That may no longer be true.
    I spent three decades reading every NY newspaper, radio and TV on continually, phone calls jammed with political intrigue. Glad to put it all behind me. Oh Kate, the Amazon and Serengetti, you amazing creature. Sorry your juice is out, good luck with the fix, sure you’ll be okay. xxooB

  4. Still don’t have a smart phone, an iPad, but get along just fine with the laptop. Dropped the tv, but stream whatever interests me. Have the phone set up so I don’t get any annoying calls. Life is good. Hope you’re connected again soon to whatever your comfort level craves. 😉

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