Smoke this morning

This morning, the fog is high and thick. I am above it which gives me the view. There is smoke on the north side of Cone Peak. I have called PV Station and notified them. I also called FHL to make sure they do not have a controlled burn going on. Nothing is reporting anywhere, yet, as I might be the reporting party. I cant tell exactly where it is, could be Arroyo Seco, could be any of those little campsites back there. Or maybe it is drifting down from another fire? FHL Fire thought it could be from Lake Havasu? i dont know. Funny, my son just sent me a bunch of maps of the area, as he was planning to hike it over the next few days. Will be keeping an eye on it this morning.

Could it be this? Smoke from an OR wildfire hit San Bruno last night. Are we seeing drift from that?

07/29/2013 09:33 LPF-2334 (New) Smoke Check CONE PK LO M . E16LPF 4X4 PAT17ALPF . . .

I have a couple of photos I’ll try to upload.


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  1. I’ve been looking at it too, can’t smell anything and I have a pretty good smoke sniffer.

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