Another Lost Lab

This little gal is NOT the lab found at Hurricane Point and turned in to the SPCA. That dog was male. This dog is female.


From the owner: “I am reaching out to you, since we have had our family dog, Candy Cane, taken from our home in Monterey last Sunday and likely dropped in the Big Sur area. Without going through all the details, I will clarify that the individual did admit to police that he did take our dog.
He also admitted to taken our dog last summer, due to barking. (We had suspicion, but did not know) We canvassed the montery area, day/night, hired a search dog, and did all the vet/pet store/rescue location notifications. Yet after a little over a week, our dog was actually located (dropped) in Carmel Highlands with her collar removed. We were happily reunited with her last summer.
The culprit has continued to inform police, he again dropped her in Carmel Highlands this time, but we have had tips it was Big Sur. We have thoroughly covered carmel highlands, but need to reach out to as many Big Sur residents as possible. We have posted some signs in the area.

3yr old Female Labrador
White/with some tan marking
Small stature than avg. lab
Name: Candy Cane
She is microchipped, but likely without her ID collar

Any help you would provide, would be truly appreciated. We our remaining hopeful we will find her.

Melissa Dalton