Five years blogging

Wow, bigsurkate turns 5 today. What a ride it has been for all of us. This blog started because I was pissed off at the Sheriff at the time, and decided my anger could motivate me to create something positive. I think I met my goal. In the last five years, this blog has grown way beyond anything I expected when I spent the night (ALL night) of July Fourth teaching myself how to blog. Lots of learning twix then and now. Lots of technical changes, too. The blog’s readership has grown until now between blog subscribers, twitter followers and FB, over 1000 people follow this blog from all over the world, and it has been viewed over 672,000 times. Who knew?

Now, so many people contribute information, photos, and comments, that it is truly a community effort. Here’s to another five years of serving this community that is our family. Blessings to all.