Five years blogging

Wow, bigsurkate turns 5 today. What a ride it has been for all of us. This blog started because I was pissed off at the Sheriff at the time, and decided my anger could motivate me to create something positive. I think I met my goal. In the last five years, this blog has grown way beyond anything I expected when I spent the night (ALL night) of July Fourth teaching myself how to blog. Lots of learning twix then and now. Lots of technical changes, too. The blog’s readership has grown until now between blog subscribers, twitter followers and FB, over 1000 people follow this blog from all over the world, and it has been viewed over 672,000 times. Who knew?

Now, so many people contribute information, photos, and comments, that it is truly a community effort. Here’s to another five years of serving this community that is our family. Blessings to all.


17 thoughts on “Five years blogging

  1. That’s splendid, the fabulous Kate, providing so much so often and so well. You’re the great coastal beacon. I’ve come to depend on you for both veracity and delight. Happy Birthday.

  2. What a wonderful five years it has been, BSK! Down the rabbit hole again and again! Thank you for connecting so many dots around the world via Big Sur and YOU! So nice to have met you here.

  3. PS, What’s the latest on Missy? Hmm? I see she has her own “page.” Give her a treat from me, please? And the rest of your pack too.

  4. Big Sur Kate,
    Your blog is an indispensable source of information for me. When the CalFire planes go overhead, for example, I go to your blog knowing that if you are around you’ll have revealed where the fire is located and what is going on. Hours or even days later the agencies and other sources of news will have caught up a bit.

  5. Dear Kate,for me, your blog has represented one of the best aspects of Big Sur; a small, tightly knit community that feels the importance of helping a neighbor and staying in touch. It is such a wild coast; complete with many real risks and dangers, that the locals know that they must depend on each other. You personify that spirit, technologically magnified, yes, but with down to Earth sensibilities and a love for everything that is Big Sur. Thank you. Now, celebrate!

  6. Happy Birthday! What a way you have made a negative into a huge force for positive. Way to go, girl!

  7. Even though I live in San Francisco, and I am not affected directly by the fires, thefts, and politics, somehow your blog fascinates me. Your writing is superb, your love of nature is evident, and your common sense is the best part of all. Thanks for blogging!!

  8. Enjoy keeping up with Big Sur via your postings. Please keep it up. Plan to look for you next time we go to Carmel & Big Sur. Canal & Esther

  9. From the perspective of a “newbie” to this rugged area, it has been a pleasure reading your posts. My goal has always been to get to know the dynamics of living here and fostering relationships with the people that choose this lifestyle. Thank you for spending your time in a very productive venture, Kate!

  10. so far we have had our share of vandalism , someone cut a small redwood tree and started on a larger one with an ax…. and an illegal campfire at the end of the property …after stealing our barbecue grill… and leaving the place with all kind of junk!!! how can anyone start a campfire underneath the redwoods? how stupid can you be…

  11. So sorry to hear of your travails, Gabriel. You sure had good weather yesterday. BBQ at Debbie’s with the ladies.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  12. Thank you Kate! I love staying connected to the area even though I live in Los Angeles…

  13. Thanks, Kate – nice to think how something so uplifting could come out of something negative … Would love to meet you someday.

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