3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Hey good buddy, back atcha. Happy 4th of July up there in the stratosphere of sun and moon and stars that is a mountaintop in Big Sur, to you and RK and all the pups and kits.

  2. Happy 4th of July, bsk; and all.
    Let’s be thankful for our freedom- and independence- to have free communication.
    Many peoples of this world don’t have such good fortune.

  3. Right now fireworks are booming, as they have been all week long, on my street. Now someone has decided to run some machineray I could easily do without hearing. My son will go blow things up tonight on a farm in the middle of nowhere as he and his friends have done for more years than I care to count. I think I’m going to try to avoid the insanity of the news. I hope one man finds some freedom somewhere in this weird world we are living in. 19 people are dead for no good reason. More are dying as I type for other no good reasons. I’m wondering what the FIRST fourth of July was really like and what the people who celebrated it were thinking. I wonder what they would make of us in 2013.
    Have a safe and enjoyable day, BSK–and everyone else.

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