6 thoughts on “Guess what was dropped off in the Silver Peak Wilderness Area?

  1. Unbelieveable what people are capable of. Hopefully karma will catch up to this scondrel.

  2. Honey BooBoo Visits the West Coast.
    This hideous deposit likely from townies believing any dusty roadside with trees = garbage dump. Really nasty. So sorry for you and Hard Rock and Big Sur and the world and scenery.

  3. yea, that’s about right, a fixer camper shell. I am so sorry, well I hope word gets around and someone will shame this person until they make amends! (like come and get it!)

  4. …and they probably went through a lot more trouble to dump it there, then taking it to the landfill and paying the dumping fee.

  5. WTF? Maybe the truck hauling it is down that hillside? Then, instead of karma it would be “truckma”!!

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