Fall is here and brings the rain…

1:45 update – it started here a bit early. Yay!

The NWS in Monterey tweeted a few minutes ago: @NWSBayArea: Solid band of showers moving into northern Monterey Bay and should reach Monterey/Salinas areas around 2 to 2:30 pm.

After waking to wetness and the sound of rain in various places up the coast, this is welcome news. Perhaps this will put an end to this year’s fire season.

I have been missing from blogging due to health issues for me and one of my dogs. Also lost my cellular booster, but replacement should be here Monday. It is hard enough dealing with that when I’m healthy, and impossible when I’m not.

8 thoughts on “Fall is here and brings the rain…

  1. I’m already feeling better, thankfully. Gideon’s eye infection is healed. Booster delivered to school, waiting for me to pick up Monday, so should be back on track soonest!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  2. Good news for us, not so much so for the jazz festival. re The cellular booster…. never heard of that. I’ve got no signal at all here on Garrapatos Rd, off of Palo Colorado, yet there’s a strong one at Rocky Point, just over the hill. I wonder if a booster would draw that in, or do you need to have some semblance of a signal to begin with? As I’ve got a grandfathered unlimited data plan for my iPad that would be an enormously good thing for me if it worked.

  3. Should have some semblance of a signal for a booster to work. Depending on how far up Garrapatos you are, I doubt it would work

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  4. Raining here, too, CV. Yesterday most interesting skies and wet winds, extraordinary. Rain started late last night through AM now schedule you promised, 2:30 on button; stop/go. Read ‘cellular booster’ and I’m thinking, Oh my God! Some damn new lingo, Kate’s immune system crashed! Very glad you and pupster Gideon are on the mend. Sending you thoughts of chicken soup.

  5. Kate: I hope you and your puppy dog feel better. The rain was so heavenly today, I was in the San Fran Bay Area when the deluge came down. Please rest if you can and feel better. Jane

  6. Hello seeetheart, Hoping to have called you tonight or even this afternoon but so darn busy. When we talk, you will understand. So very sorry. Call you in afternoon, tomorrow. Lots to share. Luv ya, Eden

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