Missy Report

It has been a while, so we thought we would check in. Missy is on house arrest, again. This time for a planned surgery, not an injury. Much cheaper, too. I had her spayed and microchipped.

Being young and a border collie, keeping her confined and quiet for 7-10 days is damn near impossible. So I get her chill pills – a mild sedative. I give her 1/2 a pill, once or twice a day.


She’s chillin’.


“What, Mom? I was sleeping.”


“Okay, sorry. Go back to sleep.”

7 thoughts on “Missy Report

  1. I started grinning when I saw her name pop up on email. Oh Kate, what a honey. Sorry to hear about her house arrest, only an attorney would think that way. Glad she’s on the mend. You must be whirlwind to her, what a vast amount of unique in one little furry life…. experiences, geography, bedfellows. All cushioned by the Kate-mom. Happy for you both.

  2. I know how that goes. The vet told me the same thing when he neutered my maltese. “No jumping.” he said. But he did not give me any chill pills. Maltese don’t stop scurrying and following you and running here and there and bouncing. He survived, though. ..but spaying is a little more involved than what my Tucker had. Hope she’s up and around sooner than later, Kate. 🙂 At least she won’t come into heat again…..

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