Jade Festival starts tomorrow!

At noon!

Look who mentioned us:


From Lisa Gering in the comment section below. I thought it important enough to reproduce here in its entirety.

“As a coordinator of the Jade Festival who has been in discussion with the USFS this entire week, there is HUGE concern of campfires, stoves and cigarette smoking or anything with a flame in our tinderbox forest. Everyone needs to let anyone they see with a campfire, etc, to put it out right then and there…no exceptions! Everyone needs to be respectful of the land that hosts us. If that goes up in smoke, so do we as residents and there goes the Jade Festival (it’s happened before and can happen again)! Please be considerate and tread lightly. No toilet paper, trash and especially fires. Our permit, that was so generously reinstated, thanks to so many of you, Congressman Sam Farr and his hard working aide Alec, will be revisited after the festival. How well things run at this festival has a direct impact on our permit next year. Please help us continue to have this festival in the best possible venue that exists! People will be asked to move along if they are camping along the highway overnight. I recommend people look into Limekiln or Pfeiffer State Park, San Simeon Campground or Big Sur proper. The gov’t shutdown has given us this opportunity to look closer at the impact of the amount of people that come to join in the beauty that surrounds us in addition to the jade and gems that sparkle in abundance this weekend. Thank you for all your support, have a great time and be respectful of our environment and those people who have been hired to oversee its care.”