Missy, Gideon, Dakota, and other dogs


Here is Gideon, before he went blind. Look at those eyes!


Missy is doing well, still having some issues with the other dogs and cats and me, but we are working on them!

~ by bigsurkate on November 12, 2013.

7 Responses to “Missy, Gideon, Dakota, and other dogs”

  1. So utterly sad when our canine friends go blind.


  2. Looks like my wife’s eyes , a wonderful brown ,,,,, and a chuckle about critter hair sticking everywhere ,,, Oh , what we endure !


  3. A face you have to love.


  4. Oh Kate he is just beautiful even though he has lost his poor eyes. Sorry I have not written sooner but I will tell you all about what is now going on. Luv ya


  5. So sorry Gideon went blind, but I bet he has it all memorized and will get around just fine!


  6. He does very well, unless I build something, move something, or have guests cars parked in front. But in general, yes, he does quite well. He has his “route” that he has marked.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur


  7. Love the sign about the dog hair. That’s where my home is. I also remember this beautiful photo of Gideon.


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