Sonic Booms

Sonic booms from planes playing war games 70 miles off the coast were heard from Big Sur to Santa Barbara. They rattled my windows and my dogs. Katherine Turner & Burt Ewling of The Cambrian report that Andrews Air Force Base confirmed practice strike runs.


~ by bigsurkate on November 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sonic Booms”

  1. Hard to click the ‘like’ button to that! 😦


  2. Some bright bulb scheduled ‘peaceful, natural disaster-related’ joint maneuvers with the Chinese army…in Hawaii ! Maybe they strayed. Check the coastline for subs, like days of yore. Didn’t hear a thing here.
    Nice header, by the way, Kate. Beautiful sunset and sea. May peace reign in such rosy skies as that.


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