Saving a life

I saved a life, today … With some help from Jon Knight, BSVFD, Casey of the USFS, PV Station, an amazing CHP helicopter pilot i think named Joe, a CHP paramedic, Danny, and a CHP patrol officer, whose name I didn’t catch. I have photos of the helicopter landing which I will upload.

There are so many technological things I am thankful for, but today it was my iPhone and my iPad. I was able to give them my GPS coordinates because of the compass app I have on my iPad – didn’t know my address, which is meaningless anyway, but had my GPS coordinates! And with the iPhone and cellular booster, I was able to talk to the helicopter pilot before he took off to tell him where the evac needed to take place. Thank you Steve Jobs.




I am pretty exhausted, so more tomorrow – plus one who wasn’t saved but passed on at age 78. The life I saved will be 51 tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Saving a life

  1. How odd, & wonderful: at my library today, the empathy of one of our homeless regulars, who alerted me to another patron in medical crisis + my iPhone, with GPS coordinates + quick response from EMTs=at least a chance that the 51 yr old suffering a stroke &/or cardiac event survived. Not such a challenge as your situation, & not so demanding of clarity of mind, but a reminder that technology well used can be lifesaving. Well done, Kate. Rest.

  2. Yes, odd in that we were both dealing with 51 year-olds. I don’t know exactly what he was suffering from. Thank you, Leslie. I am resting and going to sleep soon, I hope.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. a Hero indeed, thanks for what you did today Kate, I’m not surprised at all. Well-done!

  4. Not a hero, just helping a friend, who was in need. I should have helped before he got desperate.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  5. My best wishes for the patient. Do you guys down in Big Sur purchase special medivac chopper insurance? I was told recently that it can exceed $20K in one pop and is not covered under standard health insurance plans. I’m not sure how true that is.

  6. One can purchase insurance for $25/ year for Cal-Star. Some purchase it, some don’t. In this case, it was the CHP helicopter and medic, not Cal-Star.

    The patient is in ICU in Stanford, unsure if he will make it, at this point.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  7. Hats off to you, Jon, Casey, and the others! Prayers out to a life in peril. From my own experience back in ’96, when I rescued a woman from the massive Surf off Pescadero Point in Pebble Beach, I can see that it is in us to go into “auto pilot”, and do whatever is necessary to bring a life back to safety, even if it is at risk of our own lives….no second thought! Other surfers like Brendon Wahl and Terry “Hide” Prince, have experienced the same. It is a type of altruism that is hidden in us until the chips are down. You carried out a sacred task. I honor you.

  8. UPDATE: he has been in ICU at Stanford until tonight, Monday night. He was “stepped down” but is still critical and not communicating, but responding to requests. Stanford has run a number of tests, but still doesn’t know what is wrong with hime. Keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks all.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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