Saving a life

I saved a life, today … With some help from Jon Knight, BSVFD, Casey of the USFS, PV Station, an amazing CHP helicopter pilot i think named Joe, a CHP paramedic, Danny, and a CHP patrol officer, whose name I didn’t catch. I have photos of the helicopter landing which I will upload.

There are so many technological things I am thankful for, but today it was my iPhone and my iPad. I was able to give them my GPS coordinates because of the compass app I have on my iPad – didn’t know my address, which is meaningless anyway, but had my GPS coordinates! And with the iPhone and cellular booster, I was able to talk to the helicopter pilot before he took off to tell him where the evac needed to take place. Thank you Steve Jobs.




I am pretty exhausted, so more tomorrow – plus one who wasn’t saved but passed on at age 78. The life I saved will be 51 tomorrow.

Celebration of life

Remember, we will celebrate the lives of our friends, Terrydactyl, Jefe, and Howie, this Saturday, the 14th at Sand Dollar Picnic area. Guy will start BBQing around noon, and serve when it is ready. Bring some or all of the following: snacks, a dish to share, drinks, music, stories, laughter, flowers, photos, or whatever you feel you can share. Guy, Ralph, and I will provide the meat. We will bring some beer and wine. Penny is bringing the chicken, snacks, and paper goods. Hope to see many of my rarely seen neighbors and friends on Saturday. One campsite has been reserved as a sort of mini group site for those who come from afar.