Pfeiffer Fire, Day Two – a local’s perspective

5:00 pm – went to the meeting. Basic facts are 769 acres, 20% contained, full containment expected by Friday. 24 structures lost. We are expecting winds starting tomorrow night, but hopefully it won’t create any problems. Saw Celia at the meeting, and CPOA quietly gave checks to those confirmed to have lost houses.

Noon. I have been up here in Big Sur proper for 3 hours now. I’ve talked to locals, including Celia Morganrath Sandborn, her mother Helen Morganrath, and others. I heard her story of the harrowing escape she led her family and neighbors on, just because a small bladder woke her up. I will resell it with her permission later. I also have taken photos, some of which I will upload on the photos post, yet to be created. I also have some updates for official announcements, but having a bite to eat.


5:30 am – I will be posting throughout the day any relevant, helpful, information. Will start with this photo sent to me just after midnight this morning of firefighters defending the Halvorsen’s house, taken by Jeff Mallory.

My blog was inundated yesterday, and many people who had never commented before, which requires moderation, were commenting. That slows down the process tremendously. I also noted some speculation and inaccuracies, against which I would strongly caution. Specific offers to help are greatly appreciated, but they are hard to locate on my blog. A better venue for that is big sur cert which is organized specifically for offers of help so that those seeking it can find what they need.

It will be another long and stressful day for all those involved. Lets make it as easy on ourselves as we can. Strive for accuracy first and foremost. Be gentle with one another. I will, in all probability have three separate posts going and being updated throughout the day. This one, a local’s perspective; one, official announcements; and thirdly, a photos page. That way we can easily keep track.

11 thoughts on “Pfeiffer Fire, Day Two – a local’s perspective

  1. Thank you Kate, tried and true. We long to hear reports from the front. My heart breaks over the wicked fires. Over the hurt to any of the people, animals, and land I love in Big Sur.

  2. Thank you … has the fire moved and which way … where can I find out? I have beasties on the Molera-Clear Ridge boundary at Pamela’s.

  3. Is there anyone or web site that has solid knowledge/facts of which homes were burned yet? Would appreciate knowing where to call or ask…NOW or when that information becomes available.

    For instance the 3:45 pm video on tv yesterday showed our home intact and the fire below it but our caretaker told tv he had seen his trailer burn (in the same video on tv which still showed trailer there).

    We don’t know whether to hope or not but mostly would appreciate where to go for the “official list” as it becomes available or added to.

    Also how or where will we hear when residents will be able to go into Pfeiffer Rudge (or wherever) to check things out for themselves and see if anything can be saved?


    Anne Ashley& John Alvord, Currently at 620-0994

  4. Anne and John, as soon as I get reliable information, I will let you know personally. I am headed out shortly. The only one who will know for sure, I suspect, is the BSVFB. I’ll keep you posted.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  5. We have been smelling the acrid smoke down in Cambria for several hours and – up until sunset – we has light to moderate smoke. Fingers crossed for all of you.

  6. Bad smoke all day in Carmel Valley, started to clear into a spectacular sundown. Tears for all of you. There will be many hands to help rebuild, many hearts to comfort for the losses.

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