Ocean Frontiers 11

December 22,2013

CONTACT: LYNDA SAYRE, CHAIR B-SAGE, An action group of Communities for
Sustainable Monterey County (CSMC)
(831) 667-8823, lyndasayre@gmail.com

Big Sur Premier of “Ocean Frontiers 11”
Wednesday, January 15

Big Sur Grange Hall

Hwy 1 & Juan Higuera Creek

Big Sur, California 93920

Free soup and salad at 6.
Bring your own place setting
Rise Up Singing and Program at 6:30

Donations gratefully accepted – Help with set up at 5:30 appreciated

Ocean Frontiers 1I, A New England story for Sustaining the Sea, brings audiences face-to-face with those now embarking on the nation’s first multi-state ocean plan.

The 40 minute film highlights the historic and emerging ocean uses of New England waters and introduces viewers to people working on the Northeast regional ocean planning initiative. In a region steeped in old maritime tradition, we see a modern wave of big ships, energy industries, and a changing climate, now testing the limits of an already crowded sea. But in a pioneering trial of far-sighted planning—pushed by blueprints for offshore wind energy—old residents and new are coming together to keep their ocean and livelihoods alive.

Dr. George Somero, David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science and Associate Director–Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, retired, will answer questions and help us understand why this film is important to those of us living on Monterey Bay.

Ocean Frontiers 11 is an inspiring story of citizens coming together to promote healthier economies and healthier seas across New England, and is the second of an award-winning film series produced by Green Fire Productions. (The first film shown in Big Sur last January had a standing room only turnout.)
We see how collaborative planning reduces conflicts over ocean resources and puts us on a new path of ocean stewardship. Rhode Island citizens—coastal planners, fishermen, Native American tribal leaders, environmental advocates, scientists, and wind energy executives—are featured in the film, showcasing the Ocean State’s work to not only identify options for developing offshore wind power, but to prepare for the full gamut of impending demands upon the state’s ocean.

To screen the Ocean Frontiers II film trailer visit http://www.ocean-frontiers.org/trailer. http://www.facebook.com/OceanFrontiers or twitter@Ocean_Frontiers.
Press images: http://www.ocean-frontiers.org/press

Presented by B-SAGE and the Big Sur Grange

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