2013 – a 12-month retrospective

January 2013:


February 2013 brought me Missy, the Mystery dog


March 2013 this is what the Rock Shed and bridge looked like. I hear it in good authority that it will be open in January, but, of course, a new project has already begun that will put us back to one lane for an undisclosed length of time at Big Creek.

April brought the fracking issue.20131230-213058.jpg

May brought quite a few fires, fortunately small. 5/20 there was a fire East of Cayucous; 5/24, the White Fire in the Los Padres, down near SB; 5/30, a fire near the shooting range on Highway One as well as a fire on FHL.

June brought the Super Moon.20131230-222029.jpg

In July, this blog celebrated five years! And blogged about 7 fires. 20140101-124246.jpg

In August, this photo got the most comments: The Color of August.

In September, the first rain of the season brought hope of an early end to the fire season – a hope which was dashed and thrashed, and we are STILL hoping the fire season will end soonest!

October brought the 22nd Annual Jade Festival, a controlled burn at Ft Ord that got away, and a mud slide near Gorda that closed the Highway.

November, I saved a life.20140101-131346.jpg

December will forever be remembered for the Pfeiffer Fire.


3 thoughts on “2013 – a 12-month retrospective

  1. A reflection of joy, exploration, and disaster in equal parts makes for a rich year, Kate. Maybe most especially that here we are still in it…..Hooray for that. And here it comes…the equal parts of worry, courage and ecstacy…round the next bend. Happy new year, pie.

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