2013 – a 12-month retrospective

January 2013:


February 2013 brought me Missy, the Mystery dog


March 2013 this is what the Rock Shed and bridge looked like. I hear it in good authority that it will be open in January, but, of course, a new project has already begun that will put us back to one lane for an undisclosed length of time at Big Creek.

April brought the fracking issue.20131230-213058.jpg

May brought quite a few fires, fortunately small. 5/20 there was a fire East of Cayucous; 5/24, the White Fire in the Los Padres, down near SB; 5/30, a fire near the shooting range on Highway One as well as a fire on FHL.

June brought the Super Moon.20131230-222029.jpg

In July, this blog celebrated five years! And blogged about 7 fires. 20140101-124246.jpg

In August, this photo got the most comments: The Color of August.

In September, the first rain of the season brought hope of an early end to the fire season – a hope which was dashed and thrashed, and we are STILL hoping the fire season will end soonest!

October brought the 22nd Annual Jade Festival, a controlled burn at Ft Ord that got away, and a mud slide near Gorda that closed the Highway.

November, I saved a life.20140101-131346.jpg

December will forever be remembered for the Pfeiffer Fire.