Commercial shoot on March 20th may impact Highway One traffic

This is from The mid-coast fire brigade, but could impact the rest of us, if one is going to town north that day.

On March 20, 2014 a commercial shoot will take place at the Grimes Ranch @ Highway 1 and Palo Colorado from 7am to 7pm.

Although everything should take place in the grass field please leave early and give yourself time as they may block the road for short periods. The commercial shoot will include the “Bixby Bridge” with CHP potentially closing the road for undetermined times. If you are headed South (or North for the rest of us)….please be aware and plan accordingly.

Cheryl Goetz
Fire Chief
Mid Coast Fire Brigade

2 thoughts on “Commercial shoot on March 20th may impact Highway One traffic

  1. Is it a famous movie star whose autograph we can’t live without? Are there parts for extras? Do they need guides and a cheering section? Somebody to hold umbrellas….Or is it some boring breakfast cereal with animated bears and, uh, Beiber? Gosh, Kate. You are so….lawerly. But then you’ve seen much. I guess I’ll stay home. The battery’s dead.

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