A note about announcements

This week, I was seemingly flooded by announcement requests. Often times, people want to publish an announcement a month out, and then again a week or two before as a reminder. I cannot do that. In order to keep this blog from being overrun with announcements, I decided long ago to only do announcements for non-profits, schools, and the like. Now, I need to remind people that I will ONLY do ONE announcement per event, and events on the same day may be combined into one post. The submitting party can request when it is posted, but I cannot make any promises. I will do my best to publish as close as possible to the time requested, absent fires, floods, and road closures, and my moody internet cellular service. I do the announcements as a public service – well, the whole blog is a public service, actually.

I try to limit my blog posts to one a day, except in an emergency, so as not to flood my followers with emails, tweets, or FB. In the past when this influx of announcement requests has happened, I created a separate page for announcements, rather than this front page. If requests continue at the rate they have come in this week, I will reinstate that policy. It often happens in the Spring, as we prepare for the summer onslaught. If I do, I will post a reminder that events will be found there. Thank you all for your support to this blog and our community.