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Hi Everyone,
Yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) Big Sur releases (the final two of four for 2014) went incredibly well. Both 650 and 652 stuck around the release site after being released and mingled/fed with the other condors in the flock. We had a Golden Eagle show up at the release site after they were out, which was a bit concerning, but fortunately the Golden just came in, fed, then bailed. That Golden is probably feeding chicks right now, so didn’t stick around to harass our newbees.

Anyway, one of our twitter followers recorded our condor cam video stream of 650’s release and posted it to youtube. Pretty spectacular clip, he flew right at the camera…check it out! (bsk note: I tried to get the link on YouTube, but couldn’t’)

Condor 650 Release 30 April 2014

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Live streaming Condor Cam

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  1. Wow and Yay seems to sum it up. If you DO locate a link, put it in another post so I don’t miss it…. Please?

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