Happy Birthday Kate!

Sending happy birthday wishes to our beloved Big Sur Kate today.  She and Rose are off on their Safari adventure.  Be afraid Africa, we are sending in our own wildlife.  Much love from all of us here in Big Sur and beyond.  Happy trails and happy birthday our friend ~ d.

~ by bigsurdeb on May 19, 2014.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kate!”

  1. Happy Birthday Kate. I’m pretty sure I speak for everybody when I say THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU GIVE TO OUR COMMUNITY. Hope you enjoy your birthday 🙂


  2. Ah, sweet, thx Deb. R and I finishing a VERY full day at the bar. We ate ourselves at the famous carnivore! Pics after last drink, if we last!

    bigsurkate on iPhone



  3. Too too delish. The header greeting is perfect, yes, the world has no idea what has grown on the coastline of California and America’s mountains and there she goes. In, I’m sure, soul aglow with adventure, topped in a plethora of fabulous hats. Happy Birthday.


  4. Happy Birthday Kate!


  5. Celebrate, Kate! 😀


  6. Happy Birthday Kate. I can not think of a better way to spend a birthday. You are awesome as I am sure Africa is just now finding out. Enjoy and hugs.


  7. Kate: when you get this, know that all of the central coast of CA and your many fans and friends are wishing you a SUPER WONDERFUL AWESOME BIRTHDAY, you deserve it!


  8. Yes, watch out Africa, our wildlife escaped and is on the loose! Skip the tranquilizer guns just plow them with cocktails and they’ll eventually be subdued after a time of extreme feistiness. If that remedy doesn’t work, take them out to see your native wild animals and they’ll have met their match. Good luck! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE)


  9. Happy Birthday, Dear Kate! You are a force of nature! xxx peggy h


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