5 thoughts on “BSVFB Muster

  1. Kate: Please respect copyright – The above photo is copyright by Sterling Doughty, the photographer, although the BSVFB is hereby authorized to use it for publicizing the above mentioned event.

  2. It is a very good photo, lots of life therein.
    And, it is nicely centered.
    Focus is pretty decent, too.

  3. How old is the BSVFB photo? Must be about 20 or 30 years ago? Those are the old engines, old gear, right?

  4. Sterling, I’ll make an edit and add the credit. It was sent to me by the BSVFB as-is, and as I am just promoting the event myself for them, I did not anticipate any copyright issues. If you want me to remove it until I can get the credit line up, I will. All depends on my internet, now that I am home – well, that and my jet lag!


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