Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd closed until around midnight

A big rig is stuck in the corner at Lion’s Den. Local CHP and FHL police are there. They are trying to get a couple of tow trucks out from FHL, but there are a number of hoops that must be jumped through. Take alternate routes in the mean time.

9 thoughts on “Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd closed until around midnight

  1. Are you missing the wide open spaces of Africa? Or were you doing perilous mountain passes there, too. I confess to finding some pleasure (if I don’t need the road) to being in and near wild and sometimes treacherous terrain. The envy of every city-dweller. Hope the road gets cleared soon and safely for them what needs it.

  2. Hi Kate…..any sign of Alicia & Merritt?
    They went to town today, and Katee and I have tried to reach them before they encountered this mess. Thanks for the post

  3. After I saw Kate’s alert about the Nacimiento Road closure at Lion’s Den due to a big rig stuck in the curve, I called Sarah Harlan’s cell to let her know. She just called me back here at work to ask for Hunter Liggett road control phone numbers and she told me that there’s a large wildfire in Fort Hunter Liggett and there is currently no access through the base. She is stuck at the east entrance to the base on her way back from a town/volleyball run, I guess.

  4. Reportedly 2500 acres with zero containment burning on
    FHL in Stoney Valley near the NF Rd. Making enough smoke to be visible on satellite. Road might stay closed for awhile.

  5. Thanks, xasauan. I have been having connection issues, but working at the moment. Will update the new post about it as I get additional information tonight. Can smell it up here.


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