Basin Fire Anniversary

Six years ago yesterday, lightning struck all over Northern California, and many wildfires were sparked, including the Basin Fire (originally, the Gallery fire after the point of origin). This blog began some days later to cover the ongoing fire. We lost some homes in that fire, and some people were displaced as a result. All but one or two secondary homes (caretaker or guest homes) were rebuilt. In terms of size, it has not been surpassed since. In terms of homes destroyed and community members displaced, the Pfeiffer Fire of last December takes the lead.

This year, our drought level has lead to an unprecedented level of concern state-wide over the wildfire potential. Let this day raise the awareness of ALL community members and visitors to our area of fire awareness. Remember, no campfires allowed outside developed campground areas. May we surprise ourselves and get through this season without scorching.

2 thoughts on “Basin Fire Anniversary

  1. I second your and Gunta’s good thoughts for no fires. If you’ve got the time or inclination, I’d like knowing how the last fire losses are being met, and if everyone (especially the fire chief) is rebuilding. I know there was an overwhelming charitable response from Big Sur’s community, that Pfeiffer Ridge homes were hardest hit. I hope they’re all okay, managing, rebuilding from the devastating ashes. And if anyone still needs help. And that they’re all still in our hearts, as you show, Kate.

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