Pfeiffer Fire, 6 months later

The BSMAAC Meeting ended at 1:00 pm. I was meeting friends at 4:00 in Big Sur. Hm… Go to town or staying in Big Sur Valley?

Ray Sanborn was in the audience. He and his wife Celia lost their house. It has been six month, so I thought I would do a follow-up. I got the combo, directions, then went to lunch before I headed up the hill. I had my camera, so photos were to be taken, and a report written after I see it and talk to the residents.

Life always returns.

CPOA reported at the BSMAAC Meeting that they raised just over 1/2 million dollars, and have distributed just under that amount to homeowners and renters. Over $100,000 of the money collected was designated for a particular family or purpose. Ray Sanborn had nothing but good things to say about how CPOA handled the donations and distributions.

Tim Short, District Ranger reported that the investigation into the cause of the fire is still on-going. He apologized for the delay, but said it was a different branch, over which he had no control or influence.




And sometimes, we throw the unexpected into the mix. As Celia did.



The day I was there, Friday, they got the news that the county approved their temporary site, so this week, after six months in a motel room at Glen Oaks, they will be moving back onto their land, and they can work their magic daily.

~ by bigsurkate on June 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “Pfeiffer Fire, 6 months later”

  1. How good for the heart to hear. Hoorah the pioneers, best of everything to them, home at last!


  2. Thank You , Kate , I really needed to read your report and see the photos .


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