CPOA Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

Hello Everyone,

The CPOA Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday February 23, 2017, at the Big Sur Grange starting at 5:30PM.

Invitations have been extended to newly elected Congressman Jimmy Panetta; State Senator Bill Monning; newly elected Assembly Member Anna Caballero and District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams; and Los Padres National Forest District Ranger Tim Short .

Updates on current issues including recovery efforts being made after the Soberanes Fire and subsequent rains, California Coastal Trail and the Big Sur Land Use Plan among others will be presented.

Nominations and elections of CPOA Board Directors will also take place at this meeting. All paid Active and Associate members of CPOA present at the meeting will be able to vote in this election.

We look forward to seeing you at the Grange (weather and roads permitting).

Here is the agenda:


CPOA, Budget, and Overuse

From CPOA (Coast Property Owners Association):

“Hello everyone,

There have been ongoing discussions about the overuse of resources in Big Sur resulting from unprecedented visitation to the coast. CPOA is participating in these discussions and recently sent a letter to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors concerning an upcoming budget hearing and the possibility of allocating more financial resources to address some immediate and future health and safety concerns. The budget hearing is scheduled for June 23rd in the Government Center in Salinas. If you are concerned about these or other issues, you are encouraged to attend the hearing and voice your concerns. The agenda is not yet posted, but please check the County web site for details Here. You may download a copy of the CPOA letter Here (PDF, 2 pages, 929KB).”

While I could not attend the BSMAAC meeting on Friday due to an out-of-town prior engagement, I look forward to continued participation with the cooperating agencies and stakeholders. Personally, I am witnessing unprecedented cooperation with the USFS and MCSO, in particular on the issues which concern the Big Sur community. I am extremely grateful for their willingness to work with the Big Sur community to help us protect it. State Parks has yet to get involved, but hoping that changes in the near future.

Finally, I have been watching and following the Sherpa Fire in the SPNF in Santa Barbara. It is up to almost 5,000 acres as of this writing, with winds and temps of 100 expected this weekend. This is harbinger of the summer to come. Be safe, and report any and all campfires or we will watch our beloved coast go up in fire. If you are a lover of Big Sur, it is up to all of us to help protect it.

Pfeiffer Fire, 6 months later

The BSMAAC Meeting ended at 1:00 pm. I was meeting friends at 4:00 in Big Sur. Hm… Go to town or staying in Big Sur Valley?

Ray Sanborn was in the audience. He and his wife Celia lost their house. It has been six month, so I thought I would do a follow-up. I got the combo, directions, then went to lunch before I headed up the hill. I had my camera, so photos were to be taken, and a report written after I see it and talk to the residents.

Life always returns.

CPOA reported at the BSMAAC Meeting that they raised just over 1/2 million dollars, and have distributed just under that amount to homeowners and renters. Over $100,000 of the money collected was designated for a particular family or purpose. Ray Sanborn had nothing but good things to say about how CPOA handled the donations and distributions.

Tim Short, District Ranger reported that the investigation into the cause of the fire is still on-going. He apologized for the delay, but said it was a different branch, over which he had no control or influence.




And sometimes, we throw the unexpected into the mix. As Celia did.



The day I was there, Friday, they got the news that the county approved their temporary site, so this week, after six months in a motel room at Glen Oaks, they will be moving back onto their land, and they can work their magic daily.

CPOA Annual Meeting

Coast Property Owners Association 2013 Annual Meeting
Tuesday, November 19th at 5:30 PM at Big Sur Grange


1. California Coastal Trail alignment process update by State Senator Bill Monning. Read and download the process document here – http://tinyurl.com/c2sqn75

2. Short term rental and special event community dialogue process update by Monterey County Planning facilitator John Ford. To download a white paper produced by the National Association of Realtors on the issue, click HERE. To see ordinances specific to short term rentals adopted by San Luis Obispo click HERE and Santa Cruz click HERE.

3. Land Use Advisory Committee status of the Big Sur’s Local Coastal Plan Update. Chair, Mary Trotter. Download the current Land Use Plan and other related documents at this web site: http://bslup.weebly.com/

4. Treasurers Report. Lisa Kleissner

5. Board Elections

6. Closing Comments


Don Case House Raising Update

Dear All –

In just the past three weeks since the Henry Miller fundraiser on September 27th, approximately $47,000 has been raised towards our goal of $100,000 to help the Case family with rebuilding their home.
$17,000 was raised at the FOOD INC / SLOW FOOD BUFFET at the Henry Miller Library, and six Angel Donors have pledged $5000 each.

Thanks to all of you who have been so generous to make all of this happen!

We are getting close, but we still are asking for donations of all sizes, along with three more Angel Donors willing to donate $5000 each.

If you are able to donate, please know that your generosity is greatly appreciated by the Case family.

Please make checks payable to : CPOA / Don Case Fund
and mail to : CPOA P.O. Box 59 Big Sur CA 93920

Upon receiving your donation, CPOA will acknowledge your tax-deductible donation

with a confirmation letter that includes CPOA’s 501(c) (3) tax status information.

If you have any questions regarding your contribution, please contact me at 831-915-0903.

Houseraising services, labor, or actual building materials will also be graciously accepted.
Your neighbor, Mike Gilson

CPOA Board Member

And for those of you who would like to use the pledge card, here it is again. You can simply grab it, screen shot, or whatever your preferred method is. Of course, the easiest way is to donate online.
Don Case Pledge Card

Sunday Night in Big Sur

The gates opened at 6 pm. Guests arrived as early as 5:30 pm. Parking is a challenge at the HML, but so many wanted to come to support the guest of honor, Don Case, and his family. So, we came early, got good spots to park, and waited, chatting among ourselves.

When the gates opened, the lights were already twinkling, even though it was not yet dark. The line wound down the lighted path, where our names were either checked off, or donations made, and we were offered a copy of a water color painted by Don Case of the grassy field and redwoods which surround the HML.


The buffet, provided by the Big Sur Bakery and SLOW Foods Buffet, led by event orgainizer Mike Gilson, CPOA, provided wonderful food for our enjoyment.
Also of CPOA, Jeannie Ford’s children, Emily and Joe performed beautifully on violin and cello for the attendees.
Magnus Toren, curator of the HML, met and greeted all, as well as oversaw the venue and its preparation.

The number of attendees was astounding, and gratefully appreciated by Don and his family. It was so wonderful to see so many Big Surians in attendance, giving hope to Don and his family that replacement of his long-time home was truly a reality.

One of Don’s old friends came down from Sonoma, probably more old friends, but this gentleman I spoke with at dinner. He helped raise the roof on the original house 40 years ago.

I did not stay for the showing of Food, Inc. as it was dark and the road home requires significant attention, particularly as it was foggy, and I had a long way to go. Driving slowly to fit the conditions, I marveled at the community of which I have become a part. The love, joy, and sharing which permeated this gathering warmed me all the way down the coast.
don case
Don Case, you are well and truly loved, my friend.

And to bring this post to a close, a few words from Joyce Duffy: “I cannot put into words the tremendous jolt of love energy that we all got from last night.
Today when I left the Case home, Neva was resting in a lounge chair on the slab of the old house … Josh and Don were at a table in front of the old hearth trying to teach Oceana and Kiana to play dominoes … there is lightheartedness and peace and relaxation and a for-sure-now knowing that someday there will be a house around surrounding the family. We are all a bit speechless in reaction to the overwhelming shower of love and help.”