CPOA, Budget, and Overuse

From CPOA (Coast Property Owners Association):

“Hello everyone,

There have been ongoing discussions about the overuse of resources in Big Sur resulting from unprecedented visitation to the coast. CPOA is participating in these discussions and recently sent a letter to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors concerning an upcoming budget hearing and the possibility of allocating more financial resources to address some immediate and future health and safety concerns. The budget hearing is scheduled for June 23rd in the Government Center in Salinas. If you are concerned about these or other issues, you are encouraged to attend the hearing and voice your concerns. The agenda is not yet posted, but please check the County web site for details Here. You may download a copy of the CPOA letter Here (PDF, 2 pages, 929KB).”

While I could not attend the BSMAAC meeting on Friday due to an out-of-town prior engagement, I look forward to continued participation with the cooperating agencies and stakeholders. Personally, I am witnessing unprecedented cooperation with the USFS and MCSO, in particular on the issues which concern the Big Sur community. I am extremely grateful for their willingness to work with the Big Sur community to help us protect it. State Parks has yet to get involved, but hoping that changes in the near future.

Finally, I have been watching and following the Sherpa Fire in the SPNF in Santa Barbara. It is up to almost 5,000 acres as of this writing, with winds and temps of 100 expected this weekend. This is harbinger of the summer to come. Be safe, and report any and all campfires or we will watch our beloved coast go up in fire. If you are a lover of Big Sur, it is up to all of us to help protect it.

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  1. Kate, I looks like I messed up on the date for the supervisor’s meeting.mit was actually today (21st). CPOA did submit a letter asking for additional emergency funding. I can’t say for sure if any additional funding was added.
    I will send out an update when I get more information.

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