Sunday’s Sunrise

This was taken this morning from my front deck. One can see the rain coming down over the ocean. It never reached the shore down here, but I did get excited reports from Carmel Valley, Carmel, and Big Sur Valley. Very rare event for this part of Cali, at this time of year. This photo was taken with my iPhone and HDR pro, as the regular camera HDR on the iPhone did not pick up the subtleties of color in this beautiful artistic display by Mother Nature.


7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sunrise

  1. The lightning and thunder this morning brought back some 2008 memories until the rain shower started.

  2. I’ll bet! That was late June, not late July. I saw and heard neither down here, and I was up and about early! Dogs wake me at dawn, before the sun.


  3. I suppose there’s an enormous range of imaginings humans get up to reacting to the planet’s displays, but this sky of yours looks so filled with hope and new promise. It’s beautiful, Kate. It’s light-hearted, and happy, and giving.

  4. gorgeous! this morning as it started to get light, we had a full on rain, the sound and the moisture was much to my ears! It was only a minute followed by drizzle and then once it stopped and light came more, he clouds looked heavy-laden with rain. The 12,000 plus racers Wharf to Wharf came to a sunny day and a dry surface. I was worried about them but let the rain come again!

  5. That’s EXACTLY how I felt at 6 am when I let the dogs out and knew I had to photograph this one. Such splender!


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