Strange Lights Sightings

I have heard this story directly from two people, and indirectly from a couple others. Anyone want to extrapolate or add to these stories? Write in the comments section if you have a strange lights story from that night or recently. I cannot confirm or deny these reports, but several of them come from people whom I believe. Are they drones? Are they flares? Are they ET?

“BTW: have you heard from anyone about last Weds. spottings of white and colored lights low in the sky from Cambria and as far north @ Rocky Point? G saw them on the south end driving back from Cayucos, I saw red and blue colored lights by Cape San Martin, P & J saw white lights off of Cowabunga (camping spot on Plaskett) and a co-worker of P’s saw yellow lights up at Rocky Point. Drones? No one was sure what they were other than being there and disappearing and coming back. This was around [6-]-6:30 pm or so for the various places. I keep asking people to get more info, but that’s all I have right now!! I’ve never seen it before! Interesting….”