Strange Lights Sightings

I have heard this story directly from two people, and indirectly from a couple others. Anyone want to extrapolate or add to these stories? Write in the comments section if you have a strange lights story from that night or recently. I cannot confirm or deny these reports, but several of them come from people whom I believe. Are they drones? Are they flares? Are they ET?

“BTW: have you heard from anyone about last Weds. spottings of white and colored lights low in the sky from Cambria and as far north @ Rocky Point? G saw them on the south end driving back from Cayucos, I saw red and blue colored lights by Cape San Martin, P & J saw white lights off of Cowabunga (camping spot on Plaskett) and a co-worker of P’s saw yellow lights up at Rocky Point. Drones? No one was sure what they were other than being there and disappearing and coming back. This was around [6-]-6:30 pm or so for the various places. I keep asking people to get more info, but that’s all I have right now!! I’ve never seen it before! Interesting….”

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  1. Despite elected, well paid government employees they’re stunningly unaccountable. A couple of weeks ago a woman in Santa Cruz watched armed military uniformed soldiers helicopter-dropped in her 1/4 acre back yard, seize her certified legal medical marijuana crop, refuse to identify themselves and vanished.
    The sheriff said he had no idea. On his watch. On his turf. They don’t outsource extra help. And it remains an unknown. And in America. Start taking pictures of the lights & keeping records. I wish I was still rooting for Flash Gordon here. But more likely it’s some stratospheric metallica designed to help the planet by culling bits of the population, come to a town near us to size it up. Don’t forget to duck.

  2. My friend Eric and I saw these lights on Nov 5th as well. They were mainly golden with layers of blue, green and red. Eric saw them around 6:30 and then he got me and we saw them two more times closer to 7pm. One series of four appeared sequentially in a vertical line. The second series could have been six or seven horizontally. There was no sound, and they were bright enough to reflect light off the surface of the ocean. We took pictures and are having them looked at by experts. This is the second sighting of lights in the sky in a month.

  3. I’ve since heard from or about 3 others, besides the original 4, plus you and Eric. All the same night all around two time frames, 6:30 pm, and 7:00 pm. Would be very interested in seeing the photos, and hearing what the “experts” are saying. Write me at

  4. could they be some form of an aurora borealis? Usually observed further north but some have observed them here over the years…………..

  5. I don’t go with the aurora borealis theory. Having seen these lights (It’s my description Kate wrote of), these were man (?) made. I’m leaning towards military, but don’t know for sure. The SC pot raid was also done in Mendocino on many plantations. Local law enforcement denies any knowledge and folks believe it’s a private affair, of course with a blind eye by the authorities! Interesting times we’re living in, can’t wait to see what the next 50 years brings, let alone the next 2!

  6. Oh, this was back in 1978-79.
    My friends/coworkers @ Ventana and I had hiked up to Apple Pie Ridge on Thanksgiving evening.
    We were just sitting on the ground, after the sun set, just talking, enjoying the moments in our youth, not having any idea how short that was.
    We watched the night descend, the sky well-lighted by the abundance of stars. We were talking, laughing, not even high, but high on the moment, I guess.
    We focused in on several “stars” that were just spinning in still motion,
    lights blinking as they spun around in place, almost directly overhead, but more over the surf breaking slightly to the west. Over the coast.
    One of “them” suddenly made an extremely rapid dash to the east, then, without stopping motion, made an extreme angular turn to the northwest, without loosing momentum. Then, stopped, just as suddenly.
    I’ll never forget that. It is vivid in my memory, even tonight 35 years later.
    We weren’t real impressed, at the time.
    It was like, well, we’ve heard about such happenings, I guess this is how it is. Pretty neat!
    Not much we could do about it, just observe.
    It was probably some US Airforce experimental flying object.

  7. On numerous occasions (for maybe 2 or 3 years?), I’ve seen something similar to what Rick describes above with multiple red lights flying in a vertical line over the Monterey Bay, bright enough to be reflected off the water at night. They’re too small to be airplanes. I kinda figured somebody at NPS was playing around with gadgets, such as drones. I know we have a couple drone hobbyists in the area, one who recorded the fireworks from the Feast of Lanterns this year (I can’t find the video online anymore) and another who regularly flies his from San Carlos Beach. I’m curious to hear what you find out. Thanks!

  8. I too saw the lights. The first ones I saw were like described above, 4 vertical, and they disappeared one by one. That was about 6:40 from Willow/Los Burros. I told a friend and headed back to Willow Vista. On the way I saw several more, but had to concentrate on the drive. After pulling in at the Vista and parking, I then saw what I would most definitely describe as an emergency flare, some 3 to 5 miles out I would guess. Yellow, trailing flames, like what you’d see from a flare gun with a boater in distress. I disregarded the other lights and headed over to TreeBones, to get word to J Handy about the emergency flare. Have heard nothing more. I did talk to USFS Fire personnel a few days later, and they heard no reports of boaters in Distress and chalked it up to a military operation. I am assuming similar. The white lights that I saw were not racing across the sky. They seemed to be fairly motionless and could have been some type of flares (luminary?). I have also talked with several others who saw them. They did mention the colored ones, but I did not notice any.

  9. In June 1970 a friend and I were hitch-hiking from Sunnyvale to Big Sur via Hwy 1. We were running late so we crashed-out on the beach … actually at the place where the Microsoft Windows 10 splash screen was taken… We lay in our sleeping bags looking at stars and sea when a number of white lights started to appear above the horizon. There were about 20 …as far as I recall… The lights were tilted at approximately 20 deg. Relative to the horizon, which was clearly visible due to moonlight. The lights went on one at a time, and off again after half an hour or so…. We didn’t really think about the time, but just lay there wonder WTF could be the explanation for the phenomenon… definitely NOT lights on a boat. Good to see that others have had similar experiences !

  10. Did anyone ever solve this mystery? Me and a friend saw two similar lights last Thursday, august 4th while camping up los Burros road oak flat. We were sitting at the edge of the canyon around 10 pm watching the star show. It was an incredibly calm and quiet night, we could hear the sea lions barking below. From seemingly out of nowhere, two very bright lights appeared in the sky and seemed to be located down toward Willow Creek bridge. They were perfectly level with one another and for a minute it looked like an aircraft with headlights was approaching us but we could hear no sound and it did not come closer. After about thirty seconds or so they disappeared at the same instant like someone turned off a light switch. We would have heard drones and they were too big and bright to be somebody with flashlights. Flares are the best explanation I’ve heard however we heard no reports and saw no trailing lights. They were uncannily level with the horizon and they were perfectly synchronized. Very strange and kinda creepy feeling!

  11. I too have seen the colored flashing lights off the coast from our home at the mouth of Carmel Valley. 1st time on 3/1/22 at 12:30 AM, saw 4 blinking different colors spread apart by a mile or so between them due west out over the water and they stayed stationary for over 1 1/2 hours. 2nd time just 2 nights ago on 8/31/22 at 9PM. Saw 3 of the same also stationary for a long period near the location of the last sighting with a new location added more south over the mountains toward Big Sur. I also think possible military perhaps NPS. What’s interesting was my first sighting was the day after Russia raised its nuclear threat level at the start of the war in Ukraine. Coincidence? Not sure… These are not Starlink satellites. Checked that out already. The SpaceX stuff is usually a longer line of white lights visible for only a short period of time.

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