Man Swept into Ocean in Big Sur

From the Monterey Herald:

BIG SUR >> A 24-year-old man has been lost at sea after a wave swept him off the rocks at Soberanes Point on Tuesday morning.

The man was visiting Big Sur with three friends when he was swept into the ocean by a wave about 9:30 a.m. An extensive but unsuccessful search was conducted by both air and boat.

7 thoughts on “Man Swept into Ocean in Big Sur

  1. This is so sad. Ingrained from day one growing up on the coast was “never turn your back on the ocean”.

  2. Practically nothing I could read is more sad than this Kate. Young people out enjoying the beauty of nature at its best. This is beyond sad for the family and the young man’s friends. Sneaker waves were predicted for yesterday along the central coast. There is nothing more the state can do but post warning signs of the dangers present in these wilds and there are signs at nearly every beach along the coast. 24 and life extinguished. It’s hard to rationalize.

  3. This guy was with the Coast Guard, and one would think he would know. I was also raised along the CA Coast and taught never to turn my back on the Ocean. Sobranes almost claimed another a month ago. There, the rescue was successful.

  4. So horrific to read. That poor kid, his friends, family.
    I fell in love with Sobrannes, Garapatta first days here, spent time on those edges, enthralled. It was months before I was warned about rogue waves; that cliff edges were sand and silt and slid. Growing up inland or cities there’s just no idea about coastal lines and what water can do. I was near the Mississippi River in childhood. It was instructive.

  5. According to today’s paper, the man’s body was recovered yesterday. He was listed as a National Guard from out of state, from some inland state, as I recall. He had been fishing off the rocks.

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