4 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. And thank you veteran Kate for your service, which seems to never end in the good business of our seeing your stalwart, courageous life. You still do much to turn back the barbarians at the gate. Good job, sweetie.

  2. Kate, I didn’t know you were a Veteran. Thank you so much. Thursday night, I am helping to put on a very special Veterans Night evening complete with Proclamation, dinner, social hour, the whole works and then ending with a gun salute from VFW and TAPS for those who have gone before us in thanks. I’m a US Marine Corp kid, I’m very proud and in awe with great thanks of our Vets!

  3. I actually subscribe to Ft Huachuca’s page on FB, so I grabbed it from there. I was actually looking for Ft Hunter Liggett when I found Huachuca’s page. Serendipity, really. Wow, I graduated from McClellan in late 67, probably not long before you. Check for Leonard Wood on FB. And thanks for your service, too!


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