17 thoughts on “What it means to be a Big Sur Woman

  1. moral of the story — always carry a chainsaw. hope you went back for all that great firewood!

  2. What a woman! I love the touch of pink on the dashboard as you face off, get set to pull all hell out of that foolish tree. This is just so thumping heart warming it’s not funny. (And keeping the chrome grill shiny, that’s what fenders are for!)
    I second Mike Morales’ idea.

  3. Nice job, Kate!
    That was a big one, too.
    Get a little Stihl saw, you could make short work of a coast live oak.
    Cheaper then fenders.
    I love those photos.

  4. I like the military “line of communication” myself, but Scott was referring to local. Ah … The new age of cryptic abbreviations, brought on by mass digital communication – and cell phone typing!


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