9 thoughts on “Desert Photographs

  1. I zoomed in on the village street shot to see if there was a village name posted. I could see what high end and quaint shops were there, but no clue as to the name of the place. Sure is a classic shot of an old village. Are you willing to share the location of these beautiful scenes?

  2. Only been there a dozen times, but obviously never studied the spelling of the name! That would be the Hauchuca Range Kate? Can’t be the Dragoons, not enough rocks. Beautiful images.

  3. I’ve got photos of the Dragoons Range, too. I don’t think these are part of Thunder Mountain, though, as they were to our left, but might have been part of them. We went to Ft. Huachuca (Apache for Thunder) and I’ve got photos of those, too. Maybe more posts tonight. I am liking playing with the HDR function.


  4. Mike, I just looked them up. The mountain shots were taken just up from Tombstone, and the sunset photo is probably of the Chiricahua National Monument, and the road pic is going through the Dragoons. Fascinating geology around here, as well as history.

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