More HDR fun




Also Bisbee, Az

~ by bigsurkate on January 29, 2015.

4 Responses to “More HDR fun”

  1. Hey I just moved from Sur to Bisbee! I love it. Definitely a vortex of love, music and art. Sur, Bisbee and Paris are indescribable


  2. The photos are really interesting. Thanks.
    Some friends from Pacific Grove moved to Bisbee, they were a family of jewelers.
    What does one do in Bisbee, besides shoot photos, visit tourist shops.
    Soak up the ambiance?
    Looks like a nice place to hang out for awhile.


  3. The Chiricahuas Mountains- to the east- are really pretty. The AMARG “The Boneyard” to the north is acres of retired US airplanes. To the west is Cactus Road, through the Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument, ought to be lots of blooms forming this time of year. Personally, I would not miss Organ Pipe.
    You are so lucky to be there!


  4. I’ve got some pics of the Chiricahuas Mountains coming tomorrow. Didn’t get to see Orgsn Pipe, but it is so beautiful out here. We started in Quartzsite. We are in an RV with a tow, so can’t go EVERYWHERE … Not enough time, either. Rain off and on today and for the next few days, so photos won’t have the



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