11 thoughts on “Photo Contest, Jan 2015

  1. I had to go with #5. They are all worthy but number 5 sums up the recent season. It’s a great photo too. It has a diorama effect with the young people on rocks in the foreground with wonderful depth behind. Good luck to all the entries.

  2. I think #3 is so sublime, but I agree that #5 has a lot going on and really sums up what it’s been like around here….

  3. Can’t help but love any shots of Big Sur, but #5 is pretty unique. I know I’m drawn to shooting the tourists and photographers around here. I suspect the format makes it extremely difficult to capture the look and feel of the Big Sur coast, but #5 tells a story.

  4. #4’s it for me: I love the light that time of day. #5 looks like a commercial, probably because of the HD but also because of the many people, whom I am tired of seeing!

  5. #5 The beauty of our Big Sur coastline draws many to stand in awe, wanting to absorb as much as they can while they’re there. They’ll climb on rocks, stand at the edge of the blufftops and otherwise put themselves at some risk in order to get the most dramatic views possible. (From Kathe Tanner of Cambria, on FB)

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