Storm Report, 2/6/15

image10:00 – there’s the first inch. Will be interesting to see what it is in the am. And here is the current radar. Not sure if WordPress will insert at the top or bottom. Sorry. Works differently on an iPad than a computer.

9:15 – okay, it is now officially remaining cats and dogs per my weather station. Up to .75″ now.

9:00 pm – Already another .22″ in the last 1/2 hour. This is fun – the wind, not so much.

8:30 pm – while rain began at 4:47 pm down here, amidst the wind event that started last night. It got up to 41 mph this afternoon, and it is still blowing. But the rain is the issue. By 8 pm, I still only had, I think, about .15″ but within the next 1/2 hour, was up to .46″ and hit a high rain rate of over 2 and a 1/4″ an hour. Wind is so loud, I can’t even hear the rain, ranging from 20-30 mph, currently. Santa Cruz appears to be having all sorts of weather-related road issues. How is it where you are? What are your rain totals? Share in the comment section below.