Storm Report, 2/6/15

image10:00 – there’s the first inch. Will be interesting to see what it is in the am. And here is the current radar. Not sure if WordPress will insert at the top or bottom. Sorry. Works differently on an iPad than a computer.

9:15 – okay, it is now officially remaining cats and dogs per my weather station. Up to .75″ now.

9:00 pm – Already another .22″ in the last 1/2 hour. This is fun – the wind, not so much.

8:30 pm – while rain began at 4:47 pm down here, amidst the wind event that started last night. It got up to 41 mph this afternoon, and it is still blowing. But the rain is the issue. By 8 pm, I still only had, I think, about .15″ but within the next 1/2 hour, was up to .46″ and hit a high rain rate of over 2 and a 1/4″ an hour. Wind is so loud, I can’t even hear the rain, ranging from 20-30 mph, currently. Santa Cruz appears to be having all sorts of weather-related road issues. How is it where you are? What are your rain totals? Share in the comment section below.

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  1. Carmel, Rio Road at Highway One. Incredible wind, guessing a gust or two well over 40 mph. Sustained winds 15-20 mph and light rain. Nothing to fill the gullies. Wundermap shows 60 degrees currently at Spyglass.
    Not any really huge cells showing offshore but still it should be a good rain overnight. Love these southwest winds.

  2. It started raining lightly about an hour ago and is windy but not brutal. I am 12 miles NW of Cambria on the south side of Lake Nacimiento.

  3. Thanks for the report, Cal. Presumably what started here about 45 mins ago is headed your way! Heads up. 2.27″ an hour.


  4. lots of wind all morning.Rain started around 2:00 and has been hard & steady.I’d guess at least an inch or two by now.Just a few short power outages.Call from PG&E said affected 850 homes.Power still on here.

  5. PV school station is reporting .42. Sounds like you’re getting quite a bit more than us.

  6. Hi Kate: just came back from the Bay Area and found many microclimates. As my husband said when I arrived back home in Capitola, “you brought the rain”! It started raining on 17 on the way to Los Gatos around 11 and by San Jose, was pretty constant. It was really difficult driving home, visibility was difficult if not impossible and I encountered a spin-out near Hamilton Avenue near Campbell. Thank goodness everyone was driving very carefully and slowly. I ended up following a semi-truck all the way home as I could not see for the rain, nearly toppled the car with some flooding along the way. I was glad to get home! I listened to an interview with Diana Henderson from the Weather Bureau on the way home, she said Santa Lucia Mountains and another range were taking a hit, that there was a flood advisory Bay-Area wide until 4 a.m. I think. Winds would be pretty bad, tomorrow in the Bay Area at least (San Jose, San Fran probably), showers and a new storm coming in. I was glad to see everyone driving carefully. My husband came home earlier by way of another route and people driving very carefully. Stay warm and dry and inside if you can! After the first of the week, due to be dry.

  7. Now raining hard enough to soak me when I went out on the deck to check the gauge. We’re up to 3 tenths. I suspect we’ll be over 2 inches by tomorrow morning. My more exact location is -120.94857&lat=35.68585.

  8. Some wind early in the storm that blew over two potted tall trees, a sweet-pea and Magnolia. Still coming down, through the night on and off, little wind but lots of downed branches on roads. Lovely warm air. I wish the weather stations were not so intent on condemning ANY weather at all, trying to terrify people because of weather. I had a friend near in tears last week with pity for the northerners trapped! Too poor to move or heat their home! Surely at death’s door! Snow used to be beautiful. Ask Courier and Ives. The river’s getting positively rushy. gorgeous sound.

  9. To the south…Lake Piru has had a steady drizzle all day today but virtually no wind. This lake is 75′ below the full mark. Otterbob

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