Traffic Accident Closes Highway One for over 6 hours

Just before 6 pm last night, a traffic accident near Ragged Point Inn closed Highway One in both directions for over 6 hours while rescue crews, fire, a heavy duty tow truck, and a helicopter tried to reach the driver and secure and retrieve a vehicle over the edge. The CHP website listed the accident as a fatality.
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(CHP log provided by Jon Knight)

One thought on “Traffic Accident Closes Highway One for over 6 hours

  1. Those accidents are really hard to do because the car is usually a total loss and it is very hard to retrieve because it is down in a ravine. There was an accident similar to this one except without any fatalities. It was really lucky because the lady had gone off the road and rolled her car. She was fine but she had a couple of cats and a dog in the back I don’t know how they lived through it but when they were towing the car back to the road they took the animals out and none of them had sustained injuries.

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