10 thoughts on “Foto Friday, March 27, 2015

  1. Unfortunately I can’t see the photo! Not sure why. I’m sire it is wonderful.

  2. Sorry, Sterling and Lois. Apparently the photo did not upload correctly. Hopefully, I have remedied that now.


  3. Yes, now that the triple eclipse has passed by I can see the lovely image.

  4. Honored you published this Kate. Thank you. This was taken at Carmel River State Beach. The young lady and companion were on the top of the sand berm. As you know that beach is steep. This was at sunset. What the image doesn’t show is the incredible wave action happening on the beach side of the rise. This is essentially how the image appeared off the memory card. That silhouette was meant to be.

  5. You bet it was, Mike. It is an iconic shot – could be anywhere, but it is our backyard. It is just perfect! Had a bit of trouble getting this to upload – TWICE – but third time … It is so worth it.


  6. I see a yellowish sky background and a woman running with her dog on a leash. Is that it?

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