Foto Friday, 4/3

Today, I dug into the archives. I have misplaced my battery charger for my camera. I still have the bowels of my Jeep, behind the seats, where everything ends up, to search, but after that, I give up! If I’ve posted these before, forgive me, I’ve lost track.

I have meant to post these for quite some time, but always seem to get distracted. Jeff Mallory graciously let me tour Emile Normans house quite some time ago, and I always wanted to post these photos taken there. KQED did a lovely documentary of the mans life that I thoroughly enjoyed also. I came  away from both in awe of the man’s genius.







The entire house is a work of art, and Emile did it all. If I can find the link to the documentary, I will post it here. Worth the time to watch it, as his was a fascinating life.