4 Brush Fires Near Salinas Valley State Prison

7:00 4 Fires started near SVSP a little after 5 pm this evening. I don’t have many details, yet, but I’ll add what I can find out, if anything. From KION: 

I’m no expert, but sounds like a trailer chain dragging or something similar, causing sparks.

Fire crews put out the flames, which stretched a half-mile along Highway 101’s center divide, Gonzales firefighters said.

It took crews 15 minutes to put the fire out. Cleanup efforts could take an hour, firefighters said.

The cause of the fires is unknown.

The Gonzales Fire Department is investigating, but CAL FIRE assisted in the firefighting efforts. 

One thought on “4 Brush Fires Near Salinas Valley State Prison

  1. It is going to be a very long fire season. Grass ringing the San Luis Reservoir is tall and mid summer dry on the east side of the Pass. Near Hollister it is still somewhat green but you can see the live oaks are suffering from another disappointing wet season.
    People are going to have to be patient with fire crews as the season takes form. They might not be able to get to every home in affected subdivisions and it’s possible we could have fires that get very little attention. If homeowners don’t have proper clearance it is not too late. This is a year you can be sure fire crews will be doing instant triage on homes within neighborhoods under siege. No ones son or daughter should suffer injury or worse trying to save property that has not been cleared to code.

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