New Wildfire?

2:00 pm – I’m trying to add a radar and a lightning strike maps, but they made load at the bottom. Yup. The bottom.

12:00 Update: Fire in Ventana Wilderness, 5 acres, difficult access, AA overhead. Major thunder here, light rain beginning. In Templeton to my south east,  a truck traveling near 46 West and 101 was struck by lightning, requiring an ambulance and a tow truck.

11:00 am – UPDATE:

07/19/2015 09:32 LPF-2121
POST Wildfire E. Side of Post Summit/So. Fork/Little Sur River . BC12LPF CRW4LPF DOZ3LPF E17LPF E18LPF E31LPF 4X4 E335LPF E37LPF HEL527LPF PAT18LPF Q12:00 WT5LPF Josh Langston Effective 10:10 . . 36.285 x 121.778

07/19/2015 09:32 LPF-2121image image
New Wildfire . . E18LPF PAT18LPF Q . . . 36.285 x 121.778

Not sure exactly where this is, but longitude puts it just south? of Big Sur Station, but east? I think? Maybe someone with faster internet can clarify.

9 thoughts on “New Wildfire?

  1. A fire has been reported on the east side of Post Summit. That’s north of Big Sur Station, but might be the fire in question.

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     Cheers, alex hulanicki cell 831-594-5075

  3. Looks like at river inn

    Cheers, Alex hulanicki 831-594-5075 Sent from my iPhone


  4. I just saw a CalFire observation plan circling to the south of Garrapata Ridge at 12:40 pm on Sunday. It made one pass and didn’t return so the action is clearly south of Garrapata.

  5. Kate,
    We are looking to lay our heads one night August 8 in Big Sur. Everything is obviously booked. Do you have any suggestions? We are travelling for one week from Los Angeles to visit family in Aptos, Los Gatos and Carson City, Nevada. Any help would be appreciated.

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